About klirkom

We are a local boutique public relations agency established in 2003 with the goal of using communications to help build a stronger and more vibrant Indonesia. In the critical Public-Private-Government partnership, klirkom works with all stakeholders towards a mutually beneficial outcome and serves clients with PR Strategy, Research, Tactical Implementation, and Training.

Based in Jakarta, Indonesia, the klirkom team consists of PR experts who understand and implement the best approaches to reach communication objectives for our clients.

Over the past 12 years we have become trusted public relations advisors and implementors who work closely with the highest levels of the private sector, government sector, and both local and international development organizations. As an independent agency, we’re flexible and responsive, ensuring our clients enjoy personalized attention.

A main reason of our continued success is we are proactive and are committed to success - doing what it takes to ensure our clients achieve their communications goals.

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klirkom is a client focused full-service independent public relations agency that has been using its creativity, skills, and experience to reach client objectives since 2003.
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Strategy Development

Tactical Implementation


The klirkom Team

We are passionate about the work we do and give our utmost to each one of our clients,
using strategic and well implemented communications tactics to make good things happen.

Edwin Pieroelie

Managing Director

I love working with an organization's directors to create and manage innovative and strategic PR campaigns that enriching brand and reputation. Our strategies generate interest and action and build a solid foundation of internal communications to drive the external message.

Yanuar Hartanto

Audio Video Manager

We are ready to work with your organization to make impactful commercials, films, short documentaries, audio messages and videos in TV, Internet, and mobile app formats that reach and influence your target audiences.

Ananda Gumati Ladeva

Media Relations Specialist

Whether press releases, media events or broadcasts, my team and I will use our excellent story development skills in combination with our strong relationship with the media to get the best media coverage for your story.

Ray Christie

SocMed & Mobile App Manager

I am serious about growing your organization's social media presence in line with the communications strategy. Using blog posts, tweets, status updates, pins, photos and videos we will use precise measurement tools to provide key insights on how we have improved your organization's metrics.