Our Services

Our in-depth knowledge of Indonesia combined with our understanding of client needs enables us to produce and execute the specialized tactics and strategies needed to communicate key messages to target audiences in a way that the key messages will be heard, understood, and acted on.
In the simplest terms, we do what it takes to get key messages across to target audiences. This includes:

Research & Mapping

We conduct qualitative and quantitative research

Strategy Development

Insightful goal driven strategies

Tactical Implementation

The klirkom team professionally implements the tactics needed to communicate client key messages


Interactive participant focused communications training

Issues Managment

We protect client reputations with international standard issues management and conflict resolution support

klirkom CSR

Doing what we love to for the country we love

Reputation Advocates

Private sector organizations rely on reputation to maintain and build customers to support sales. Non profit organizations rely on reputation to maintain community trust, future donor funding, and overall credibility.

Each member of our team fully understands reputation is the key element to an organization's longterm success and we prioritize client reputation at every stage of every program we run.

Client Testimonials

We are proud of the great relationships we have with our clients.
At klirkom we care about the long-term.

klirkom provides us with highly professional services including issues management, media training, and key message development

-Titie Sadarini / Coca-Cola Indonesia PAC Director

The klirkom team can be trusted to work independently, professionally and proficiently.

-Dini Djalal / World Bank Senior Communucations Officer

Third testimonial from a klirkom client

-Third Testimonial / Position